This year I didn't had the usually ooooh moments it was more like nah thats ok or UGH! .. So I decided to make a worst dressed list instead of a best dressed list. Are you ready? Not for sensitive viewers ;-) 

What is this???  

Did she bring two other guests underneath her skirt? 

What happened to Ashley Judd? A little to much botox.. I so want to put emojis here but thats not possible.. The needle one and jazz hands would be appropriate though!

She had only one fairy godmother I guess? 

Selma Girl! Im sorry but this looks so cheap.. All the glitter in the world can't make this work! 

Whoopi, you just don't care? don't ya! Love that mentality.... But you look like you pulled down the curtains and put a belt around it. 


So the Oscar goes to..... 

Reactie schrijven

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