The 10th of januari we lost an icon, David Bowie.

I think I don’t have to introduce the master to anyone.

Singer, songwriter, producer and actor David Bowie was one of the greatest and versatile artists of our time. I am an admirer of his creative spirit not only was he a founder of many new sounds where other iconic artists found their inspiration, he was a provocateur with images and fashion sense not seen among other male performers of his time. 

He said farewell to his fans with his last album “Black star”  that refers to dead and exposed with a sublime video clip which  shows us again what a great artist David Bowie, was, is. 


For me his writing was an inspiration for a tribute collection.


A small flashcollection of 3 sweaters:


We have the BOWIE sweater,  “If you say run, I’ll run with you” from the classic - Let’s dance

 “ Take your protein pills and put your helmet on” – Space Oddity.

The sweaters are unisex and available in 3 colors : white, grey and black. From S to XXl

Find them on


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