As I promised here some tips for Paris with kids.  


I have two babies : Viktor 9 and Louise 8 ok not that baby anymore but for me they will always be. For a city trip 8 and 9 are perfect ages because they have more appreciation for beauty.




Dinner in an art nouveau restaurant : Fermette Marbeuf.


We chose this restaurant because of its remarcable art Nouveau architecture. Our kids like restaurants were they can discover things in the interior. The kitchen is very typical french classic but good. The staff  is very friendly.  


my advice: make sure you reserve a table in the “grand salle” and ask for a round table as we mostly do, this is the best place in the restaurant.


5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris,


Breakfast @ Angelina:


 Angelina is one of Paris’s most famous tea rooms. It was founded in 1903 and was a favorite place of Coco Chanel. Here  you can have pastries our a Parisian breakfast in the Belle Epoque interior which they kept in honour. LOOOve the hot choclate.


226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Fancy pancy dinner and cocktails at The Peninsula:


The Oiseau blanc restaurant is one of the restaurants of The Peninsula its situated on the rooftop with an amazing view over Paris. First have some cocktails outside and then go inside for dinner by chef Sidney Redel, which is outstanding. The Peninsula staff is extremely friendly for children they adjust the menu and bring colorbooks and crayons.


19 avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris



Jardin Du Luxembourg:


We were so lucky with the weather it was a real indian summer, we could were dresses and shorts. And offcourse play in our favorite parc: Jardin du Luxembourg.


First we went for some éclaire de genie éclaires, to eat them by the fountain of the Jardin du luxembourg. Then the kids played in the playground of the parc, while mommy and daddy were enjoying the sun.


6th arrondissement of Paris, 75006 Paris


ardin des plantes:


Nice to stroll around and smell al the different plants and herbs.


57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris


The zoo of the Jardin des plantes:


A little zoo founded in the early 1900 a well kept secret for tourists. We  love it. I would recomend it to all.


57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris


Jardin des Tuileries:


Another stunning parc, my kids love the trampolines!


113 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Marché Aux Puce:


It was a sunday when we arrived, so I wanted to show them the marché aux Puce – Paul Bert Serpette, because me and my husband love it so much. In Belgium the kids like markets like this too, but this time it was the vibe that made an awkward atmosphere, we only stayed for an hour and leaved.


What went wrong? To get there we had to drive by a refugee camp that was situated in the middle of the streets this was very confronting. The taxi driver also alarmed us for pick pockets and other people with wrong intentions, the kids were really scared when they alle heard this. When we were just outside the Marché to get a taxi we saw a razia, police with bulletproof vests and guns who were screaming and running after some other guys with guns. That was what we don’t call easy like sunday morning.


18 rue Paul Bert
 93400 Saint Ouen

La géode:


A full panoramic movie theatre in an architectural work of art. We saw the movie born to be wild about extraordinary people who rescue and raise elephants and orangutans. After the Géode a picnic in parc de la vilette and some playing in the playground.


*actualy we wanted to go to the interactive science museum nearby but this was closed due to maintenance. The Geode was nice but I think we wouldn’t do it again.


26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris,

Eiffel tower:


Last but not least the eiffel tower, still enchanting for young and old.


Here there happened one of the most beautiful moments of my life.


When we were walking towards the eifel tower my son grabbed my husband and started to cry and said thank you daddy for this amazing trip. Ah im crying again while im writing this. I can not describe what this ment to us.


*We purchased our tickets online, so no waitingline for us. 

Tip: We were with 5 persons and in Paris taxi’s are only allowed to take 4 persons. My husband luckily anticipated on this and reserved Viano’s for the week with G7. Cool about these Viano is the VIP treatment you get. They come and get you werever you are in 10 minutes. Kids loved sitting across from each other and the Ipad for choosing your favorit music or follow the route. 


We stayed  at Saint James Albany hotel. The kids loved this hotel because of the pool offcourse. When we had a long day of strolling around in the city it was refreshing to jump in the pool. The locatian at Rue de Rivoli is a real advantage.




202 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

The other half of our stay in Paris we rented an apartment on the border of invalide and Saint Germain in a cosy street with all antique and art dealers. We always go to an hotel but we wanted to try this together with our kids. My husband didn’t want a small apartment so he went for a duplex with two large suites annex bathrooms, wich is very rare for Paris. We had a lot of fun here and immediately felt comfortable in our new house ;-) The apartment had everything we needed. When we didn’t had breakfast at Angelina’s we went for croissants in our favorit bakkery Paul’s. For grocery’s I recomend you to go to a Mono prix they have everything. 


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