I need more superlatives to describe this years Wecandance Edition. Again a lot key on details in decoration, animation and food. The theme was desert this year and how great it was to see that people really made an effort to go with the theme. 


My dress is handmade by my mother in law, Yes! And designed by me...( in the end someone stepped on my skirt and I was standing there in my panties but I think nobody saw it..Haha) 


With my hubby and my photographer Anthony Boelaert, we were married 6 years ago on this day. We were less fortunated with the weather... rain all day long and that in August, but hey we are still together after 12 years, so maybe rain is a good sign ;-) Sunglasses: both Rayban by http://www.sunglassavenue.com

MAKE UP by Koenraad Coussement. https://www.facebook.com/Blushbrugge/

Zalando stage.

With the birthday girl!! Miss T.

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