25 years ago when I was a little girl my grandparents recorded the openingshow of Disneyland Paris. I think I saw the VHS more then 25 times and dreamed of going there! A few years later that dream came true and I went with my mother and little sister.. But now something happened the little girl could never imagine, I was invited by Disney Belgium to spend the weekend at Disneyland Paris to enjoy their 25th anniversary. 

The magic is still going strong and I was so happy to see the smiles on my kids faces! 

We went to Buffalo Bills Wild West dinner show, really cool to do with the kids. A little rest after a whole day at the park but still exciting. I went totaly for the theme :-) wearing this awesome jumpsuite (Elisabetta Franchi ) 

For the 25th Anniversary there are special things going on.. Like the spectacular Illumination show at night, a new parade, Space mountain became Star Wars Hypersapce Mountain with a whole new Star Wars Update! 

What we enjoyed the most where the Magic hours, when you stay at one of the selected hotels you have 2 hours extra in the park ( from 8h-10h). That means less waitinglines or even no lines! 

No line to hug these two :-) 

First for Phantom Manor... 

Best feeling seeing them having a good time! Blessed and happy! 

The park is open untill 23h and enchanting with all the lights and Disney music... I remembered how I was feeling when I was there as a little girl. 


Wearing Elisabetta Franchi Trousers and Kate Spade Bag. 

Thank you for the magic, Disney Belgium! 


Thank you Fashion Club 70 for my outfits! 


All pictures ©AnthonyBoelaertPhotography 

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