Nowadays there are more and more festivals where not only music is the main asset. In order to distinguish themselves, they want to provide a festival that gives a total experience. So now there is more focus on food, lifestyle, fashion .. and GREEN is the focus here!

Paradise city:


" We are conscious about this and, by taking sustainability planning into consideration, we wish to minimize these potential negative impacts. Concretely, we trust we can influence change by leaving a positive legacy and hopefully inspiring our visitors to live more sustainably. "

"We believe in a positive future where we don’t draw up more resources than nature can regenerate."


Im wearing a BaliBeachbelgium Kimono. 


I think its important to know and to share, what these people do to leave a lower footprint on our earth! We only have one and we can learn something of Paradise City!


They do this in a 10 step proces:


1. Green engergy: only renewable energy and low consumption lightning.


2. Future food: Locally sourced and organically grown food. No meat.

Smaller portions to avoid leftovers.


3. filtered tap water.


4.Waste management: 


5. Less paper: all communication on fsc paper.


6. Eco Toilets: 


7. transport: they encourage public transport, Uber or reward those who come with electric cars or carpool. They get a parkingspot closer to the festival.


8. CO2 neutral: Support of C02 Logic’s climate project.


9. Camping: For every camper a free 100% recycled cardboard tent!


10. communication: The sustainable vision is shared with each partner and sponsor. 

Lovely seeing this powerlady again, Sofie Dumont the best lady chef of Belgium! Made an exquisite menu for the festival's guests. 

Wearing: DOYOU Studio denim jacket available at Jackie Jane store ( Lippenslaan 223, Knokke) 

Wearing A DOYOU studio denim jacket available at Jackie Jane store ( Lippenslaan 223, Knokke) 

I had healthy and tasteful food, enjoyed the great music and felt only good vibes!

Thank you Paradise city!


 See you next year!


All pictures by ©AnthonyBoelaert

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