I was invited to celebrate 10 years GVine Gin on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette in Paris. 


This sounds very fancy and o yes it was! It was the perfect night on the perfect location.. I mean the view? and the weather... I will never forget this. 


Gvine Gin is a gin crafted with grapes and vine flowers it has a soft and smooth taste.. so on a party like this you don't stop with one. Afterparty in Matignon it was! 


Gvine you sure now how to treat your guests and to throw a party! 


Thank you for the incredible evening! 


Im wearing a Bali Beach Belgium kimono worn as a dress : https://www.facebook.com/Balibeachbelgium/


Team Belgium at Paris: Joy Flammang for Marie Claire, Leslie Deckers for Leslie en Cuisine, Yasmine De Wilde for Belmodo, Aljosha Politi for LTH Limited an me... 


Before we went to the rooftop we had drinks at Harry's New York bar, the oldest Cocktail bar in Europe! 


Harry's New York Bar: Rue Daunou 5 75002 Paris. 

All pictures by AnthonyBoelaertPhotograpy

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