Today im writing about passion and entrepreneurship. The people behind this business are maintainig a family busines since 1907… How one man designed a life for his next 4 generations!


I talked to the people of www.onlinetapijten.be they delivered this awesome carpet at Jackie Jane! 


It all began in 1907 where the great grandfather of the current owners Freddy De Smedt and Cristian Sanduc opened a little carpetstore. When it was time for his son to take over he made it grow very fast and the little carpet store became a respectable business in the region Antwerp –Brussels.


Today they have a shop in Willebroek and a very hot webshop www.onlinetapijten.be


On http://www.onlinetapijten.beyou can find carpets of all price ranges and kinds. For me the huge selection, the orginized site and impecable service made it easy to choose a carpet here.


My personal favorites: 

The Jackie Jane carpet: "bring some color and joy in your home"



Next to carpets we talked some business: 


You grew up in this family business, was it clear from the start you where going to participate?

C: Not at all, I had a job in E-commerce. When it was busy I helped our customers with choosing the right carpet, all the positive feedbacks and my love for interior made me switch to participate in the family busines


They always say: don’t do business with family or friends, what’s your idea on that?

C: It’s not simple to run a business with family without any dispute. To anticipate on the problem we devided the company. Before we also offered drapes, blindes, deco and carpetry. Now each individual focuses on one thing. With this approach there are no conflits and we can give the best service to our clients.


What are the biggest pro’s and con’s being an entrepreneur?

C: We are small enough to adapt very quickly to the trends and novelties on the market.

A contra: however I don’t want it to call it one because we do it with so much pleasure.. We work 24/7 to give the best service to our customers and have little time for ourselves.

In our country its difficult to convince established small businesses to invest in E- commerce. You did it and with succes?

C: We never intended to go online but because I had my history in E commerce, we tried it and when we started our collegues and entourage where sceptic because they saw webshops only as a medium that sells cheap quality at low prices. Our strategy stands far from that. We want to offer a nice platform where they can search there perfect carpet with the right helptools.

Do you have any tips for shopowners who want to start a webshop as well?

C: Its an advantage when you can offer your clients the whole experience of on and offline shopping. When you start a webshop, you can’t just upload some pictures and do nothing. You have to improve and maintain with social media.

What are the trends in carpets for 2017?

C: The vintage look is on his peak. The scandinavian look is very popular. Belgium has a preference for natural colors but is slightly shifting to greenery and pastel colors.

An other trend we notice: people want to change there interior more frequentely this translates in a compromise of buying lower quality but that satisfies the trends. The look is more important than quality these days. 

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