For us Belgians, Amsterdam is the perfect getaway not far from home but with a big city attitude and child friendly! 


The pulitzer hotel where we stayed, welcomed Viktor and Louise with their own customized pillowcase and a craftbook about Amsterdam with this gesture they scored emmidiately. 

At night before we went out for dinner we took them to the cocktailbar.. they are not that little anymore and in many occasions better dressed than most grown ups :-) They had a virgin cocktail ofcourse! 

It was freezing cold outside so we couldn't enjoy it that much but The pulitzer hotel has a great courtyard with these amazing swings and different lounge and terrace area's. 

Tip: Have tea time at The Dutchess you will not regret it ;-) 

When in Amsterdam with kids you have to do Madame Tussauds! They loved it! 

Wait Brad! Let me help you :-p 

The canals and the shops in the "negen straatjes" are perfect to do with kids. They have an unforced vibe and many new things to discover. 

at age 9 and 10 they still want to make fun, first we planned museums like Anne Frank or Rembrandt but then we thought.. We can also do that in a few years, let's do something they REALLY want to do.. So we went to the museum Ripley's believed or not, five oddity packed floors crammed with countless curiosities, unusual historical artefacts, amazing art and experiences inspired by his world famous collection. An interactive museum for the whole family to enjoy. 

Dooooeeeg Amsterdam, see you soon! 

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