You all know I lost my heart years ago and that we are together for almost 12 years now! Little applause for myself ;-) 


But once in a while I have crush not on a man but on a woman and sometimes there are more than one at the same time..Yes! 


The girls that im gonna tell you about are high on my list of inspirational accounts on Instagram. So definitely worth to follow. Their fashion style and sensuality never ceases to inspire me. 

From left to right: Gilda Ambrosio, Diletta Bonaiuti, Giorgia Tordini, Patricia Manfield. 

Gilda Ambrosio: Stylist, blogger, designer and fashion consultant. She always shows up in unpredictable looks, the only thing that stays the same is her long black hair and oversized sunglasses. 


Diletta Bonaiuti: Stylist. Her strength… Simplicity with a key note. 

Giorgia Tordini: Designer and creative consultant. Descreet wardrobe with sleek day to night pieces. 

Patricia Manfield: blogger and singer. Effortless but elegant. 

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