I was invited to the Christian Dior HQ in Brussels for the release of the renewed Rouge Dior. The legendary gloss palette of Rouge Dior is enriched with a new extreme matte finish.

The new collection Created by the Belgian make up director for Dior: Peter Philips, brings five beautiful color families inspired by the history of the fashion house; legendary reds, passionate red coral, sweet pink tones and natural nudes. For the last color family Peter Philips pushes the boundaries of creativity in the lipstick collection "Extreme Matt Shades"; a fatal black and red color, a seductive purple, gray sublime and a magnetic blue. He wants to reflect the aspirations of a younger generation , a generation that always wants to reinvent

Do you dare?

I love the idea of the bold new shades, and I would certainly dare but unfortunately it’s to hard for my skincolor.  So we went for a mix of two natural nudes Classic matte and Rose Montagne.

Lipstick is made to make women feel beautiful and feel good about herself. The campaign is made on the music of  “I feel good” by James Brown and starring the gorgeous Nathalie Portman.

#ifeelgood #rougedior

Im wearing an #nanouk "Georgia" skirt available here: 

Pictures by Anthony Boelaert. 

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