This week I was invited to the opening of a charming Bakery : Boulangerie François, hosted by Grey Goose. No  ordinary combination is your first tought. Boulangerie François offers fresh bread and artisan jams made with the finest ingredients France has to offer.

When we arrived we were welcomed by the baker himself, he tells us about his bread and says he has a little surprise for us and then it seems his closet with bread is a secret door to the world of Grey Goose. Behind the little bakery Grey Goose made a private club. Where we  got spoiled with the finest cocktails and food.

Ok nice but what’s the link between vodka and bread?


We had the pleasure to meet François Thibauld the creator of Grey Goose in a little private room where we tried different kinds of Grey Goose Vodka and bread. Here we learned that: GREY GOOSE is produced in the traditonal Cognac region and is made out of the best wheat from Picardie and fresh limestone filtered water. François Thibault, was inspired by the best bakers of France, and used the exact same wheat to create his Vodka. Critics thought this would never work, but today we know Grey Goose as the “ Worlds bets tasting Vodka” and as the wall says “the extraordinary belongs to those who make it”. 

Congrats Pravda Pressroom, Excellent experimental storytelling! 



I was wearing: #nanouk cross sweater, boyfriendjeans, Guess belt, Louboutin shoes, Chanel Boy bag, Hermès bracelet.


Pictures: AnthonyBoelaertPhotography


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