As you probably already knew we launched a flash and christmas collection of sweaters this week.


I must say I really underestimated the whole process!


Of course we began with designing which is the most fun part, the designs are a combination of ideas of me and my husband.


Then the less fun part begins marketing research, fabric researsh, meetings with different confection teams, adjusting designs… Photoshoot luckily I have my husband who is an interiorarchitect but also is a photographer how handy is that 


We choose  Marie Quateart as our model because she has that edgy look which works perfectly with our new designs. 

The designs are for  women and girls who like to make an edgy statement and are confident to wear our sweaters day or night. We used extra fabrics like faux fur and faux leather to make a difference.

And did you see our christmas sweaters if they don’t but a smile on your face, you have a problem J Let this christmas be al about Love and laughter! LOVE WINS!


This required a lot of work and money J but we are very happy with the results, we hope you like them too.


Our designs are created and made  in Belgium available on www.preloved.be and in Jackie Jane Ghent, Predikherenlei 13.


Pictures: AnthonyBoelaertPhotography

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