OOh yes we can! For those who don’t know what Wecandance stands for here is a little intro.. 

WECANDANCE stands for underground music divided over 4 stages providing a supreme line-up with locals as well as international talent. 

Important to mention WECANDANCE is more than good music! Every year had its theme and this year we went to space.  Not only the festival area is totally drenched in silver and spacy deco all its visitors are aswell. 


WECANDANCE brings joy to those  who love to compose their outfit with the right pieces and accessories. Its a fest to see all those happy people in their well selected outfits. 

So we have music, fashion, art…. an other important pillar of the festival is food!

The foodmarket on the site is an opportunity to eat signature dishes developed by Belgiums premium restaurants and chefs. 

This year I was one of the lucky ones to join the tables of The Jane, the prestigious restaurant by Sergio Herman and Nick Bril. For the occasion The Jane closed their doors and moved their entire staff to WECANDANCE. For next year be sure to reserve your tickets on time to participate in this amazing experience. 


The experience dome: WECANDANCE teams up with several partners to let you submerge into the festival atmosphere. It is more than music, fashion and food. Discover new horizons. Finish off with make-up by MAC or that perfect hairdo by Redken.


This year WECANDANCE was nearly sold out with 28.000 visitors. Hope this convinced you to be one of the visitors next year!




- Vintage top


- #NANOUK SHORTS buy here: http://www.preloved.fleshop.be/en/Catalog/Clothing/SALE-NORMAL-PRICE-89-Short-Bee/


- #NANOUK sarah sweater buy here: http://www.preloved.fleshop.be/en/Catalog/Clothing/Sarah-sweater-silver/


- Choker by BODO jewels buy here: http://bo-do.be/product/choker-silver/


- Hermès collier de chien bracelet


- Chanel 2.55 


- Boots H&M 


Make up by Koenraad Coussement for MAC COSMETICS


PICTURES 2, 3, 5, 9 by UPR 


ALL other pictures by Anthony Boelaert


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